a group of poeple who are hip and in blud!
them 10e people are da best on da block mayte

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  • ifiar

    an acronym standing for i fly into a rage i.f.i.a.r thought up by a bunch of computer nerds and a cat working in an house that’s really an office those computer nerds will scream “ifiar” when they see this :p 1 more definition i fly into a rage what do you mean no? ifiar!

  • b*tt crog

    1.a synonym for -ss crack. particularly when an individual reveals their -ss crack often. 2. in insult ; used to insult someone who has done something inherently unintelligent. 1. d-mn, i crashed my bike and got dirt down my b-tt crog. 2. chris, stop being a b-tt crog.

  • aderology

    1. n: the study of how to be as tyte as aadhar. i’m chillin’ at usc, takin’ up my masters in aderolgy. fa shawty!!

  • kicking the brown clown out of the one ringed circus

    taking a sh-t. “dude, where the f-ck have you been? we’ve been looking for you for 15 minutes!” “take it easy bros., i was in the sh-t house kicking the brown clown out of the one ringed circus

  • ifiderid

    a wheeler look alike most likely gay just like wheeler and ladenheim wow loom at that ifiderid giving ladenheim a bl-w j-b

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