10th base

for all those people out there who keep typing in base numbers , there isn’t anything past this.
man 1: dude i went to 10th base last night!

man 2: dude, wtf is that?
10th base is simple. it comes after 9th base, which is -n-l s-x whilst strangling the person, so therefore 10th base is simply death. however, you have the option to have s-x with the dead body or just leave it.
“hey mate, u won’t believe it but i finally got there..10th base action last night”

“omg, trevor, i was joking. you just killed someone”

this is just second base in binary. nothing to be proud of but makes the beeks feel better.
nerd – “i got to 10th base last night”
dude – “holly sh-t what is that”
nerd – “i felt up holly’s t-ts”
dude – “loser, everyone’s done that”
when you get to home base twice in one evening, then have a threesome with said two previous people.
danny seduced two separate chicks, man! then got to play with them together! holy cr-p, he’s the first in our college to get to 10th base! we must worship him.

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