10th grader

this is coming from a current 10th grader.

a lot of them give us a bad name. they can’t spell, they think they can date in 10th grade (some think they’re in love. how funny is that?), and their mysp-ces are cluttered with glitter graphics. a lot of the guys are immature. all they do is make s-xual jokes and say “that’s what she said.” some think they’re emo. some will be wanna-be scene kids next year. (judging by all the 11th and 12th graders.)

i’m nothing like that. i’m in 10th grade, and i like george michael and tom jones. i do not dress like a sl-t and i don’t think i’m superior to anybody. i’m not obnoxious.

the rest are just normal 10th graders. you can’t really write a definition for ’10th grader’ because they’re all different.
this is a 10th grader’s facebook status. she’s from my school.
“stayed up all night talkinn’ to himm. he isz my liyyfe now (:”

next day: (no, i’m serious, the next day.)

“i’m tired of thisz bullsh-t! i’m single, and staying that way! (:”

-10th grader

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