11$ Meal

if you live in connecticut, florida, idaho, iowa, kentucky, maryland, michigan, pennsylvania, south carolina, vermont, or washington dc (all states/districts with 6% sales tax), then there is a meal that you can order at mcdonald’s that is exactly 11$ with tax.

this meal is:
4 mcdoubles
2 medium fries
2 small drinks

the meal feeds two people, or one really hungry person who needs two drinks for some reason.

the mcdoubles and small drinks may be switched with another dollar menu item.
minority: “welcome to mcdonald’s, how may i help you?”

you: “i’ll have the 11$ meal for my friend and me.”

minority: “what are you talking about?”

you: “i’ll have four mcdoubles, two medium fries, and two small drinks.”

minority: “sure thing..”

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