a pirate emoticon.

normally used in pirate vs. ninja wars.
pirates ftw!

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  • auburn student housing

    noun. a quaintly organized sp-ce used to house students on campus. when we’re upwind, my friends and i can study on my trailer lot without having to smell the cow stank. cow tipping

  • hoodest

    being above hood, but still proper. also known as lala hoodest person you know but they are also proper and they know to carry themselves.

  • *rs* rash

    a rash between your b-mcrack caused by a sweaty -rs-, loose boxers and excesive walking will also cause bow leg man my cheeks are sore i think ive got -rs- rash

  • brunderwear

    panties that are so high they can double as a bra. it was worse than grannie panties…it was brunderwear

  • fun machine

    a little thing that holds m&m’s or other small food items “the fun machine is fun!!!”