binary for “literally laughing out loud.”
that’s funny, i’m 1101.

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  • bush hanky

    when someone blocks one nostril with their thumb and then blows out the other nostril with the force of a raging hormonal monkey on crack to eject the contents of the other nostril. i didn’t have a tissue so i used a bush hanky

  • butchka

    a goof; a person who is highly irritating and generally irrelevant. the word itself can be used to replace other curse words while still conveying profanity in a more affable manor. he’s being a big butchka. what a butchka! son of a butchka, i forgot to renew my prescription for my ibs!

  • bygon

    a bygon is a hater or a backstabber. she is a f-ck-ng bygon.

  • catsuiting

    the act of buying something really expensive at a place and it is 10 times cheaper everywhere else i went to the store and bought a catsuit i liked for $75, later i checked the interwebz for it and every website i went to it was $20. i was just catsuiting

  • chicken strips

    a overaged boy who goes after girls 4 years younger than him (usually not white). will hang around hometown for whole life drinking and living with people also 4 years younger than him. is not loyal and will ruin friendships. usually drives cars out of the woman’s section and will listen to drake blaring. watch […]

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