11/12 – year old upgrade

this is for females:

when 11/12 year old females haven’t started their period yet… but are so flippin’ excited because their t-ts are finally hangin’ out! shoot yea!
tania was looking at her body for signs of pubic hair or br–sts in the shower and when she got out, she ‘examined’ her ‘b–bs’ in the mirror. to tania’s great excitement, she saw honest to goodness ‘baby’ breast! with all the joy that had overcome her she ransacked her room looking for the training bra grandma sent her last christmas! she was so joyful because, she was the first girl in her grade to wear a training bra! her secret crush harvey was sure to notice tomorrow at school! she wanted to be the first to tell him her ‘t-ts’ were hard, after all, he told her when his b-lls dropped! ‘maybe we can go out to the woods again and examine each others bodies, just like we did last summer!’, she thought to herself.

wow! tania had finally gotten her 11/12 – year old upgrade!

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