generally accepted as the time that all rappers come alive on twitter. between 11pm and 3am is a prime time to view tweets, vines and instagrams by rappers and hip hop artists. it is said “11:45” because to say p.m. would imply that there would be another option in the a.m. rappers are never awake at 11:45am. maybe on another planet, but not on this one.
yo, peep the hot chick in this tequila pic that diddy just tweeted out?

11:45. ’bout to get lit up in this twitter.

snoop got his beast mode hat on.
it’s simple. 11:45, bro.

twitter deuces. europe, africa, middle east, india, the whole world is waking up. and rappers. rappers are awake at the same time as people on the other side of the world.
must be 11:45.

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