11:59 p.m.

at the end of the day
at 11:59 p.m., we’re all just squirrels looking for nuts.

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  • spankin' the goblin

    the act of masturbating or smacking your p-n-s greg,”why weren’t you in cl-ss today?” fred,”sorry i was spankin’ the goblin.”

  • leftacon

    a word used to yell at people for no reason, ussually out of a moving car to a person walking along the street, the closer and louder u are to the person the better! (it is not an insult, although it alsois not a very nice greeting) bob-“hey look at that guy on the sidewalk” […]

  • sparkin-a-dingo

    to sit in a theatre, watch the previews and realize you are at the wrong movie. i went to the movies with a really hot girl then, realized that we sparkin-a-dingoed.

  • sparklingfuse

    a marvellous artist who likes to watch movies nothing to compare with

  • sparkling spyder

    to glaze ones face with s-m-n followed by a handful of glitter. art project! me: hey bob have to tried the sparkling spyder? bob: h-ll yeah! my mom loved my art project.

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