12-6 cloud

a r-t-rded code way to say 69

i asked your mom if she would like a 12-6 cloud and she said sure.
a joke on friday night cranks (a show on stickam) that is frequently said;usually makes people upset.
fnc: 12-6cloud yes or no?
guy: what?
fnc: 12-6cloud. it’s a simple yes or no question.
a meaningless term created by friday night cranks. people have debated what it means for years, but it actually doesn’t mean anything and is only used to confuse people.
jared: 12-6 cloud; yes or no?
person: excuse me?
a funny phrase from a prank call, kinda like a meme.

it is in no way s-xual.
12-6cloud yes or no…?

an exhalation of methamphetamine vapors that drops downwards almost instantly after being released. the quality of meth is said to be of high quality as the concentration of meth in the cloud is more dense than the air.
d-mn, did you see the “shawn cloud” picture? that was a huge 12-6 cloud that completely disembodied the one blowing it out.

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