12 base

when you are so h-rny you keep searching up bases even though you get roasted every base before this
me and angela are so h-rny we got to 12 base

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    taking a dump between br–sts squeezed together. two t-rds is a double whopper. she asked for a dirty whopper so i gave her a double.

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    an account that one would own on the social media platform, instagram, where the individual would post photos some might describe as revealing or s-xual. person one: “did you see that hannah made a skinsta?” person two: “i saw that, her latest picture is exceptionally revealing.”

  • outback flamingo

    when you’re f-cking doggie style and the girl places her own thumbs in her -ss, her arms look like wings. i was f-cking her doggie style when she stuck her own thumbs in her -ss. she was flapping around like an outback flamingo

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    eat it up. suck my d-ck in other words eiu. polite version of saying “suck my d-ck”.

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