12 gauge

a type of shotgun
im gonna bust in there with a 12 gauge and blast some -ss
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a measurement of size used for various things. the smaller the gauge the larger the object is. in the case of shotgun bore size, 12 gauge is essentially .729 caliber (or fractions of an inch) in diameter.
“have you ever fired a 1oz deer slug from a 12 gauge? ouch that makes most guns feel like bb-guns after that.” -some guy that just tried 12 gauge slugs
the size of a plug
not a verb. you can not gauge.

you can stretch a piercing you can not gauge it. it would be like saying “i’m going to large” its what sizes are referred to. not a verb.

the bigger the number the smaller the hole. 18ga is a standered ear piercing size.. when the numbers get smaller ex, 16, 14, 12… it means the hole is bigger.

i have a 12 gauge piercing
another word for roadhead.
(performing oral s-x on the driver of a car)

people often say it when someone says they want to ride in the front seat of the car.
“12 gauge!”

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