12 inch slong

a p-n-s so big it can only be used by a select few, the p-n-s can’t become errect as it will cave in with the m-ss. anyone unlucky enough to have one of these usually gets medical support.

ways in which it is used : to cream pie the p-n-s i put it usually a drain pipe or other plumbing material. the woman then has to use metal foresips to spread he v-g-n- far enough apart for the p-n-s to fit in. once in the p-n-s is in and has a target it will then send a large amount of signal to the brain to kick in overdrive, this is where it will begin to vibrate and start to shoot out not sperm in liquid form but in more of a mud sandwich.
user : hey girl wanna get mud sandwiched, i have the power of my 12 inch slong

girl : wow you must be quite the man, sure thing

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