12 inch

vinyl record
often promo copy or ep (extended play)
can perform 33 or 45 rpm
diggin’ the 12″ crates…
a common example that a male will use to describe the size of his organ of copulation in higher vertebrates. usually, the subject referring to this term has a maximum p-n-s size of a tic-tac; if he’s lucky.
1. i have a twelve inch p-n-s.
2. suck on my twelve inch p-n-s.
3. that’s nothing compared to my twelve inch p-n-s.
4. my twelve inch p-n-s would blow yours out of the water.
1) a laptop built by apple computer: the 12inch powerbook g4
2) a huge p-n-s, like 12inches long (about 30 cm)

with both you can reach g4 power f-ck
1) i use my 12inch all day long, it’s a perfect companion for my digitally enhanced lifestyle. it’s a 12incher
2) i use my 12inch all night long, it’s a perfect companion for my s-xually enhanced lifestyle. it’s a 12incher
giving a lady a hard-time in order to make her feel satisfied.
when i dropped my bird off last night she said “give me 12 inches and hurt me”
so i stuck it in her 4 times and slammed her t-t in the car door!
when a p-n-s is quit big and lovely
full and voluptuous
jelle: i can only be friends with people who have big p-n-ses
conner: why?
jelle: so i can have some big fun
conner: well then mine is a 12 inch
wen there is more than enough for any man.
(i iz talkin’ about de bannana area)
i am a greasy wog
de women: rob has such a humungous bannana
rob: yes i do
the size of wade dockery’s d-ck!!!
make up your own b-tch!!!!

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