12 O’ Clock Tuck

when you get a b-n-r in public and flip your c-ck up into your waistband.(it feels good so try not to bust a load into your bellyb-tton.
“dude i was in cl-ss and i was thinking about gabby bedard and brandon smith cuz i’m bi, and i got a b-n-r so i did the 12 o’ clock tuck. works everytime. no one knew i had a b-n-r. except i did bust a load into my bellyb-tton cuz it felt good.” said tucker kreis
when you need to hide an erection and you tuck it straight up into your waistband/beltline. the c-ck is similar to the hand of a clock at the 12-o-clock position.
guy: hey, can you tell i have a raging hard on right now?

girl: what the f-ck?

guy: yeah, just did a little 12-o-clock tuck.
when your in public and you get a b-n-r, so you flip your c-ck up into your waistband. it feels really good so try not to bust a nut into your bellyb-tton.
“i was sitting in cl-ss thinking about gabby and brandon, cuz i’m bi,when i got a b-n-r so i did the 12 o’ clock tuck and no one knew i had a b-n-r. it felt so good, i almost busted a load into my bellyb-tton.” said tucker

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