12 yr old admin

kids who, for some ungodly known reason why on this green earth, are given the ability to mute, kick, ban, and otherwise make playing on a particular server a living f-cking, nightmarish h-ll.

these admins get their jollies and probably only sense of satisfaction in life by hounding players that they deem annoying, unfair, or simply deserving of their abuse.

other names for these cretins: -ssmins, d-ckmins, sh-tmins.
example 1
player 1: dude! i just got banned for getting two head-shots on that guy!

player 2: 12 yr old admin man. what do you expect?

example 2
player 1: {player 1 was set on fire.}
{player 1 was frozen}
what the f-ck!?!
{player 1 was muted}
oh h-ll no!
{player 1 was gagged}
oh you little b-tch.
{player 1 was kicked and banned}

f-cking 12 yr old admins!

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