12:00 a.m

the middle of the night
is it 12:00 a.m yet.

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  • horizontal gag

    when a woman is on the bottom while performing 69 (s-x posision ). the man is in such a state of arousal he becomes limp forcing all of his weight and manhood on her face and into her mouth causing her to gag. turn turn around so we can do the horizontal gag.

  • froperty

    a hybrid word that mixes the word friend with the word property. when you borrow something that belongs to a friend, you have are in the possession of froperty. og: was that escalade i saw you in yesterday your new ride? g: no, it was just froperty.

  • *ss reflex

    is similar to the case known as “acid reflex” except only affects the rectal region. also refer to “shart” or “mud b-tt”. it’s not quite a fart, but not quite a sh-t either. a warm and excessively moist p-ssing of g-ss/p–p liquid. after eating chow mein at coleton’s sh-t shack, i had contracted a bad […]

  • liver licking

    to drink excessively any alcoholic beverages. i’m going out tonight liver licking

  • sumper

    shortened phrase “side jumper”. a skier or snowboarder who goes off the side of the take off to a feature (rail or other obejects). consequently only getting 6-18 inches of air, and looking like a novice at best. this sumper isnt doing anything cool.

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