the time you hit the blunt
d-mn it’s 12:07 better hit the blunt

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  • flora mack

    attention seeking wh-r-, likes asking stupid questions e.g. where’s my hip flask. also likes young boys especially next year. natasha: where’s my b–btube? i wanna look fishy tonight!! emily: stop being such a flora mack

  • trumpedation

    a feeling of fear or agitation about something that may happen after having voted for donald trump. i got caught up in the moment of the election and voted for trump, but now i’m feeling a lot of trumpedation over how sh-tty thing have already gotten.

  • meme juice

    the sweet taste when you create a good meme man my memes are so good that i got a taste of that meme juice

  • liltommy

    lil’tommy has a humongous p-n-s even if he is 5 years of age. he knows sp-ce and time and doesnt give a fudge about anything.( also known as savage) everybody jerks of to him and he jerks of to them. harder lil’tommy harder.

  • sockrider

    there aren’t any definitions for sockrider yet. can you define it?

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