mostly means f-ck. usally used in cartoons or comics.
bill: -reads comic aloud- ” rob was walking towards the door, then turned his head to say bye to miranda. -action bubble saying thunk- rob mistakenly ran right into the door exclaiming ‘#!@-‘ “

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  • luvpuddin

    the police named as such because they luv puddin yo’ -ss in jail. oh sh-t run fool there go da luv puddin.

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  • #!*&$!@#

    extreme anger used in a fashion were normal “swear words” are not allowed. i shot my self in the #!-&$!@# foot!

  • lysne

    it’s a norwegian word which means to get brighter or dawn, or to get easier to cope with, or to bleach or lighten. jeg tror det skal lysne snart = i think it will get brighter soon

  • labean

    a very sweet, cute, funny, amazing, smart, girl who i would love to date! him1: im loney and need a labean in my life! him2: i know, shes jawsome, and schweet!

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