the 12th of december 2012; everyone thought they’d die and the world would end
omg it’s 12/12/12 we’re all gonna dieeeeee
a day that is significantly luckier than 11/11/11 that everyone should expect to make their biggest wish on.
12/12/12 is much more lucky than 11/11/11!
the date that comes after 12/11/12. has no real significance in the way we live our lives.
person 1: do you know what the date is!?!?
person 2: wednesday?
person 1: no! it’s 12/12/12
person 2: no, i’m pretty sure it’s wednesday.
this date will not come again in our life time and is very special. it is also 9 days before said end of the world so its not so lucky but if you wish hard enough it could save billions of people from sudden death
friend 1: omg its 12/12/12

friend 2: so what’s so important

friend 1: this is never going to happen again

friend 2: oh okay

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