12/21/2012 is the day everyone says that the world will end because it was predicted by nostradamus and its the end of the mayan calendar. some strongly believe in this, while others do not.

if you believe in this then be prepared to die. but im gonna live my life happily instead of being scared of something thats not gonna happen. just stating my opinion.
me: do u believe in that 12/21/2012 stuff?
her: yeah,i found out about it.
me: you actually believe in that?
her: yeah
me: wow, its so stupid, i mean, did the world end on 6/6/06?
her: its kinda like a proven fact that the world is gonna end in 2012
me: how? give me proof.
her: i have an entire book on it
her: it had all the prophecies on it
me: stupid nostradamus!
me: well i want to let you know, its not gonna happen.
her: okay
me: do you actually want to believe that were gonna die in 6 years?
her: it doesnt matter cause were gonna die in the end anyway.
me: way to keep your hopes up.

apocalypse, the end of the final backturn in the mayan calendar, resulting in the complete destruction of mankind.
x: what’s today?
y: december 20, 2012, why?
x: aaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!! holy f-cking sh-t we”re all gonna die!!!! aaagggghhhh!!!! tomorrow’s 12/21/2012!!! apolcalypse m-f-! cecil bd at urbandictionary said so!!!
the day that some people think that the world will end. on this day people will have major freak outs while the smart people of the world are all out having fun while the world record of suicides is reached on then day of the phony apocalypse. if you believe in this then you are most likely a dumb-ss
john “hey do you believe in 12/21/2012?

matt “f-ck no you would have to be a dumb-ss to believe in that sh-t
total bullsh-t that will not happen.
person: what do you think about 12/21/2012?
me: total bullsh-t
really, is the ending of this era, described by the mayan civilization, and it has 7 pre steps in which all the humanity will experiment. in the steps are included i.e. the earth’s pole shift and global warming and other interesting stuff.
12/21/2012, it’s the end of our era started at 3014 b.c. spelling 21/12/2012 too.

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