123 chick

fast -ss chick who dont care who get some from her
yo that girl is a 123 chick

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    like the commonly used orly? this is a term of comedic questioning of somthing to be the truth, though more serious. guy : dude! the internet just exploded guy2: sh-trly?

  • sh*t's in the sk*llet

    a high five followed by a sizzling sound. brian: hey conor, put some sh-t’s in the skillet. both: tsssssssssss

  • sh*t sherrif

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  • 123 do me?

    f-ck were fabulous no hating allowed mang f-ck u if u hate we don’t appreciate 123 do me? say wat?!

  • 123 face

    noun- one who takes c-m shots in the three major openings on the face(left eye, right eye, mouth)and all around those openings that 123 face has benn around the block more than once

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