something you type when you are pretty bored beyond the internet boredom scale
i’m bored, i’ll just type 1234567890
the row of numbers on a keyboard.

you’d be surprised how many people i’ve heard ask where the “10” b-tton was.
wtf 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0 where’s the 10.


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    a woman you are dating to help you get over the one you just broke up with. “has steve been dating wendy?” “yeah but he’s still not over carly. wendy is just his band-aid b-tch.”

  • digistructure

    the it infrastructure and digital technologies (e.g., big/fast data, -n-lytics, iot, sensors, cloud, rapid application development, speech recognition, virtual reality, etc.) required to take customers, students, staff, employees, patients, const-tuents to an automated, grab-n-go, easy-to-use and always-secure happy place…every day. do we have the digistructure we need to support virtual medicine in our rural districts?

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