’bout that time
12:45 ’bout that time

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  • 12:46

    when everyone at the party swears it’s at least 3am, but when someone finally pulls our their phone to check, it’s much earlier than everyone expected holy sh-t, it’s only 12:46! i think that means it’s shot time!

  • frumunesan cheese

    dried c-m residue. vanille looked in the mirror to find frumunesan cheese on her forehead and around her lips. a hoe fo sho…

  • log effect tile

    waterproof smear left by an untidy toilet user(usually on a virgin train)which starts below the rim and inexplicably continues and survives intact beneath the waterline. some ones fitted a log effect tile in that public conveience

  • crack flappin

    the involuntary body movements made after being up for more than 2 days on crack please dont send kelly to the store… she is crack flappin all over the place.

  • logicafied

    if a person is logicafied, they have been proven wrong or owned through use of logic. person 1: do you see those tiny frogs over there? they must be babies! person 2: baby frogs are tadpoles, smart one. person 1: cr-p, you’re right. person 2: logicafied!

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