12629 means: “want to s-x tonight.
“do you 12629?”

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    disappointed n depressed together now i feel disapressed. i’m very disapressed about my job. you shouldn’t get so disapressed about life.

  • benefit buddy

    similar to friends with benefits; however the people involve, while friendly, are not usually friends. either socially, academically, or professionally they are typically casual -ssociates or acquaintances. where ‘friends with benefits’ are typically friends in addition/prior to s-xual gratification, benefit buddies remain ‘on-call’ for s-xual gratification, but typically avoid all other forms of contact if […]

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    annoying oh ma gurd, ur so ernerying!

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    the most amazing f-cking god ever to live that seledic is amazing

  • meat heater

    v-g-n- i’d love to use her meat heater

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