best p-ssword of the year
please key in your p-ssword
too ez
please key in a secure p-ssword..

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  • beard dimple

    when your beard has a dimple, and your chin does not; when there is an indentation in your facial hair your facial hair is growing in nicely except for that beard dimple in the middle of your beard

  • toweling

    when you p-ss out drunk with your towel on after taking a shower “how was your night man?” “man i got so drunk i was toweling last night” the equivalent to planking. to drape yourself over an object, as if becomeing or impersonating a towel. comes from the term planking, but planking became too “lame” […]

  • deryk

    the dankest homie around. aggressive talkers, even louder smoker. puff puff, n-gg-s. that’s some dank deryk.

  • buzzlim

    a normally anti muslim racist who has too much to drink and all of a sudden becomes very accepting of muslims billy bob is a rabid buzzlim. you just have to catch him on the right day.

  • dockheas

    when someone is a little bit more than a d—head but a little less than a c—- friend 1: i had s-x with your girl! friend 2: you are such a little dockheas!!

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