12th Manwagoner

a derogatory term for bandwagon fans of the seattle seahawks, an american football team in the nfl.

the “12th man” is the team-sponsored name for the fan base of the seahawks. once the team had some consistent success in the 2012 and 2013 seasons, (led by an excellent defensive corps and running game), then ultimately winning the superbowl at the end of the ’13 season, an astonishing amount of loud and proud “12th man” fans appeared everywhere around seattle and most of the pacific northwest.

12th manwagoners are easy to spot as they will be only wearing a number 12 jersey, sporting green and blue face paint and/or hair coloring, and screaming “beast mode” or “l. o. b.” incessantly while spitting skittles out of their mouth.

they will also c-ck their head to the side and look very confused if you ask them anything about steve largent, the old afc west, or ask them to speak in detail about any team history before 2011.
“i thought lauren was from michigan and a detroit lions fan?”

“well she -was- last year, but this season, once the hawks got back to the superbowl, she became a 12th manwagoner.”

“christ almighty. like she wasn’t already enough of an annoying c-nt. “

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