a female/male that uses slang language in an odd manner. they also like to show disregard for their lack of importance to someone that knows them. a 12v does not need to be 12 but can be 11-14
yeah that girl is such a 12v

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  • stabbing donkey

    when your having s-x with a girl and pull your p-n-s out of her v-g-n- and stick it in her -ss very quickly and without warning bro u did the stabbing donkey to my girlfriend last night and now she won’t talk to me but it was funny

  • gray shirt of l*st

    a particularly attractive shirt worn by sherlock holmes in the british tv show “sherlock.” it’s similar to the purple shirt of s-x, but you know, gray. sherlock is looking nice this episode in the gray shirt of l-st.

  • belly-cup

    belly-cup when,at the end of s-x,a man splashes and smears his s-m-n onto the woman’s belly and/or pubic area for rubbing on. last night my f-ckbuddy gave me a full belly-cup

  • heatah fajita

    term coined by the basedlord himself aka yungdankjesus aka ctc referring to squads of pokémon teams which are straight up flames. these squads do not have azumarill switch-ins, and pokes on these teams weak to scizor should have hp fire. fabio, the resttalk physdef mega ampharos, is the iconic face of heatah fajita. awesome, amazing, […]

  • nocayp

    acronym for “no one cares about your opinion” person 1:”i think keemstar is alright.” person 2:”nocayp boi!”

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