13 year old boys

an age group actually really stupid, but their reputation is made worse by encylopedia dramatica.
in their article, it states that “13 year olds can also be from 10 to 18.” too bad ed is too stupid to realize that they are the ones 19+ writing articles on teenage boys…just saying. oh, and this definition will cause a large amount of b-tthurt from eders.
eder: f-ck, this definition on 13 year old boys is really p-ss-ng me off! i’m gonna post this on ed so i can get all of my pedophile friends to back me up!
a 13 year old boy is well.. a male which has turned 13. a boy of this age usually thinks he is bad -ss, just because he has finally become a teenager. usually, 13 year old males do not have any pubic hair, and have a brain m-ss that is equivalent to that of a mouse. they are very easy to troll online, and make a very excellent target to any beginning trolls. encyclopedia dramatica created a page about children of this age.

a 13 year old will usually try to act “gangster”, and will fail horribly at it. they will jack off to p-rnhub about 3 times a day, and have little knowledge about female anatomy. sad, isn’t it?
-adults are making a mature, humorous joke-
13 year old boy: hahahah! that’s cl-ssic! -tries to act like he understands the joke-
-adults facepalm-
’13 year old boys’ aren’t always just 13, the age it ranges from is about 12-16. it is infectious, therefor, be careful of who you surround yourself with.

listen bands like avenged sevenfold, slipknot, and hollywood undead
most times, they drink monster energy drinks, and save the cans.
they generally wear baggy pants, skull t-shirts, and dc shoes.
they think they can bmx or skateboard, when usually they can’t.
whenever they go out, they travel with they’re friends more than likely.
they often times like girls who wear t-shirts with dinosaurs and dragons on them, wear lots of fake bracelets, and wear fake gl-sses.
frequently, they like their mom better than their dad.
and last, but not least, when they take pictures of themselves, their hair is in the way of their face.
did you see all those 13 year old boys riding their bikes down the street with their monster energy drinks.
a kid who has turned 13. though it’s likely they could’ve been nice and benevolent as a 12 year old boy, its statistically proven that 99% of them will become brainless trolls. i have no citations to validate my claims, but we all know it’s true.

although i’m 20, i still clearly remember my days as a 13 year old boy. i spent a lot of my money on xbox, taco bell, & mountain dew. i heard about this trolling fad, and got hooked. i had a 3 in d-ck, saw a lot of acne sprouting, got arousal from girls all of a sudden (scratch that, ever since my bro exposed me to p-rn at age 8, i was hooked…), became uglier, lost any ability of empathy or remorse, and lost my brain for 5 years.

i .. was like the majority of 13 year olds. they are extremely similar to all of you dumb-ss redneck trailer trash from the south, and sometimes they can get even worse. the most recent micro-generation of the modern world, those who grew up as youth during 2007~2014, are completely alien nowadays.

kids these days are spoiled, degenerated garbage. a lot of 13y/o’s are ponyf-gs and watch little girl cartoons. they might even jack off to that sort of stuff.. disgusting freaks.

seriously, i thought i was funny 5 years ago when i started trolling them by writing these definitions but nowadays i’m afraid to even study today’s youth. probably a good thing, cuz i dont want anyone thinking i’m a creepy pedo like adam lanza.
3 year old boy: xbox kicks -ss! cods so relistic and like graficly supreme.

1 year later –

13 year old boy: omg that cod blak c-ks 4 is ugly

1 year later –

13 year old boy: fluttrshys bst pny

1 year later –

13 year old boy: babyf-cking is cool!

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