13 years-old

first years of being a teen. a time in wich one is either in 7th or 8th grade. a very boring time to be a teenager. parents often act as though you are still a little kid. many are pr-ne to being a prep. others, a very little emo this happens toward more later in 13 age most only like the music. most likely green day obbsessed (like mui).
mom: my little baby’s 13 years-old!! it was only yest-rday i was changing you diapers!!
13 year-old kid: mom. please.
almost year later
mom: hi sweety how was your day.
13 year-old kid (prep): whatever mom.
mom: hi sweety.
13 years-old kid (emo music liker): fine, hey can i go over to melissa’s later?
mom: sure.
13: thanks!

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