a fat smilie that looks a bit like kirby
sh-t my smilie eaten too much again

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  • b0nged

    to be b0nged is to be pwned i.e. getting tp’d is considered getting b00000nged, or having something bad happen to you in a embarr-ssing way like breaking your leg while trying to be a ballerina one lan we got bored and tp’d some houses they got b00000000nged 1 more definition the act of getting owned. […]

  • <(((><

    poker term. fish. someone who will call any bet to hit a rediculous suckout. you flop 2 pair; the fish flops nothing and calls any bet then hits the only 1 or 2 cards left in the deck that can beat you. <

  • hoolyhoo

    someone who will do anything for money that hoolyhoo israel reyes said he would give a guy head for $4

  • burny *sshole

    when your -ssh-l- burns around the sphincter because you didn’t wipe your -ss good enough and you have to shove toliet paper in it. man, i took a poo and i got some major burny -sshole, better get some toliet paper.

  • hookers & props

    although the terms come from lacrosse, their similarity to other urban references allow the phrase to be used as a handy congratulatory phrase, which denotes that the recipient of the phrase should get such things as “hookers” and “props” for his or her achievement. “hookers and props to ted for his promotion to management!” “great […]

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