1337 5p34k

the worst thing someone using a computer will encounter.
it insults people, makes certain companies lose money: such as gravity.
because some people do not care about the community!
people say stuff like:
#4#4 ! pwn3|> j00 n00b #4#4 h3 !5 50 n008!5# 0|\/|6 w7f88qz0rz.
keep in mind these were invented by hackers. and i for one consider people who use this are actual hackers.
leet guy: |>4 p4!n !!
stewardess: sir, are you alright? do you need a doctor?
leet guy: i n33d h31p!!
stewardess: i’m sorry, i don’t…
leet guy: 3y3 n33d5 j00 70 g375 d4 d0<70r. 3y3 g075 50m3 b4d p4!n !n m4 c#357. 3y3 n335s m4 pi115!! stewardess: does anyone in here speak leet? another leet guy: j0. see. if you speak leet and need urgent help, too bad. that's why leet people will die if they keep speaking leet. language used by geeks to help them identify one another. geek: "/-\55|-|0|_3!!" normal person: what did he just say? normal person#2: he just called you an -ssh-l- dude. 1337 5p34k, otherwise known as leet (elite) speak is the language used by gamers during their matches. omfg! u r a h4xx0r! u c0uldn7 h4v3 d0n3 7h47!pwnd u n00b! the cyber language of the typical 13 year old boy. usually uttered during times of high emotion. a 13 year old boy wins a fight on an mmorpg:english - it appears that i've beaten you. 13375p34k - 0mg u gt p4n3d!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111one and, of course, h4x0rzz!!1!!!11-- see: noobs example: 7|-|15 15 \/\/07 0|\|3 /\/\173 |)33/\/\ 1337!!!1!

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