1337 h4x0r

1. ahem…a geek
2. usually people who type in “1337 speak” are illiterate. my bad…il”1337″erate. =/
h4x0rg33k69: l0lz n00b!!!11 j00 ju5t g0+ p\/\/n3]) by /\/\y awp!!!!!!11 i am 4 1337 h4x0r1ng bad-ss. b4d4s5!!11

person who doesn’t have transparent skin: i’m sure all the kids at school think that too.
commonly known as leet language (1337)

1337 h4x0r translates to leet haxor (hacker with a kick)
in the language 1337 4 replaces a and 0 commonly replaces o.

tsutomu strikes again!
pirate: omfg you newb i just owned your sorry —
ninja: ha.. it is you who is the newb! forgot about the language filter didnt you newblet!?
pirate: ph-ck j00
ninja: :0 you h4x0r
pirate: 1337 h4x0r j00 m34n!
ninja: … i hate you …
the term 1337 h4x0r (1337 sp33k for elite hacker), is generally used to describe a pc gamer who is very good with using hacks (h4x) to obtain an unfair advantage. the term is most often an oxymoron because a player who uses cheats is generally not a good (5k1ll3d) player. in other words, this is an oxymoron because someone who is a hacker cannot be 1337.

a rare exception is this: in halo for pc there was no way to enforce cheating, and in large clan war websites (like the old www.klanwars.com) many clans used hacks to stay on top. thus, in very high ranking clan games, every player would be using hacks (ie:aimbots and wallhacks). thus, the best h4x0rs could be considered 1337 compared to other hackers… a 1337 h4x0r.

h4x0rz can only 1337 if they are able to beat other players who are also using hacks.

the legendary player phillygraf is an example of a 1337 h4x0r.

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