1337 piece of pan cake

when you re better than everyone and everything else.
a 1337 piece of pan cake what i strive to be.

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  • dippa head

    a person who smokes cigarettes that are dipped in a substances to get high………term mostly used in dc micheal,” did you know that kevin is a dippa head?” tyrone, “yea,he has been smoking for awhile”

  • dirtmonger

    a ‘dirtmonger’ is somebody with low moral-values, usually used in context to berate somebody for doing something bad, disgusting or unusually manky. you actually rode that fat b-tch? you’re one dirtmonger. i heard you stole money from the church collection plate; you wily dirtmonger you. that smelly man hither is a dirtmonger.

  • dirty as eggs

    to have a general character of dishonesty or some other vague suspicious nature. that politician is “dirty as eggs.”

  • high school rule

    the rule that allows any boy/girl to date any other boy/girl, (regardless of age/grade) in the same high school. the senior, enrique, dated the freshman, tanisha, and justified doing so by citing the high school rule.

  • limco

    limco means to be sarcastic to someone when they tell you to do something. “go and wash the dishes” “aye limco”

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