1337 sk337

a term used to reinforce ones 1337ness (eliteness)
wow i am so 1337 sk337, i totally pwned j00!

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  • goodies bag

    a white bag full of terrible things, none of which are good. for steve’s birthday, uncle claude, steve’s teacher, had packed something extra special in the goodies bag, it was a dead cat covered in feces.

  • leak wink

    whilst going for a p-ss, making direct eye contact with another person, and winking at them. “did you just leak wink at me?” the act of winking at the person in the next urinal or nearest to you whilst urinating. 1) baines: hey i’m going to take a leak. will: i’m going to join you […]

  • quppa

    quick cup of tea! have you time for a quppa?

  • goodie mob

    “the good die mostly over bullsh-t”. “goodie mob means, “the good die mostly over bullsh-t” you take away one “o” and it will let you know “g-d is every man of blackness” the lord has spoken thru me and the g-mo-b!” (fighting by goodie mob)

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    levels of douche baggary level one: douche bag. the lowest level of douche baggary. level two: douche bowl. someone who is being slightly more douche-e-er then a douche bag. level three: douche bucket. someone who is a just being a whole bucket of douche. someone who is slightly more douche-e-er then a douche bowl. level […]

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