right now, i am 13373l2 than you my friend!


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  • fat throat syndrome

    where one is so fat that the fat crushes the vocal chords to a point that it causes them to have a deeper, fatter sounding voice. when you hear a chubster talk then you know they have the fat throat syndrome

  • feet treat

    a feet treat (or foot treat) is where a man -j-c-l-t-s all over a womans feet. this is often followed by another woman licking the c-m off her feet john: bro that girl was a total sl-t! i totally gave her a feet treat, then her sister licks it up. ted: no way! nice job […]

  • fertilized human egg

    the new form of child p-rnography… you can look at a friend’s ultrasound or a picture of a fertilized human egg to see child p-rnography, you don’t have to go to 4chan anymore! aka zilf sumfight – “the story just introduces another word that will probably hit definithing.com, zilf. zygote i’d like to…”

  • festered cheerio

    a rotting -sshole, a suppurating -n-s. lick my festered cheerio

  • fewsic

    f-f-ck e-everyone w-who s-says i-i c-can’t mom: your not good enough for that, you will never make it. madden: fewsic ma. c’mon.

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