the breakfast of h4x0rz
shadow01 ate his 1337ies this morning, look at him pwn noobs!

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  • 1337-im

    the variant of 1337 now a pop-culture language used in im chats. spearsf4n3098: h3y, sk8rb0i1153, did u c that ep of 4m3r1c4n 1d01? sk8rb0i1153: yea it wuz s1ck

  • skin a dog

    to give a mean bl-w j-b. this term derives its origin from glen burnie maryland. that b-tch does know how to skin a dog!

  • f*ck fairy

    a f-ck fairy is someone who sleeps with a desperate person (i.e. a charity case, s-xually speaking), boosting the self-confidence of said charity case so that he/she can get laid again, usually after a long dry spell. tim just smells of desperation. he should find himself a f-ck fairy. heteros-xual acting or speaking in a […]

  • c*ckamashi

    legendary h-m-s-xual shogun in ancient j-pan. c-ckamashi’s apet-te often elicited jeers from raiding barbarians. c-ckamashi was the first h-m-s-xual shogun.

  • funki minted

    something really really good oooo them jeans are funki minted

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