one bad motha-
shut yo mouth
best person on the internet
d-mn nukka, that 1337steve is on bad motha- shut yo mouth!

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  • dirty bozo

    the act of taking a dump on someone’s nose while they are p-ssed out. hence giving the appearance of a clown nose. while joel was p-ssed out drunk dave gave him a dirty bozo.

  • flamer gamer

    one who loves to play video games and is also exceptionally flamboyant, fairy-like, and flamerific johnny: dude you are such a flamer gamer rj: no i’m not! (proceeds to go play xbox in a tight pink jumpsuit)

  • flame r*t*rded

    a name given to one who is 100% incapable of starting a campfire without the use of gasoline or any other highly flammable item other than wood. get out of the way, man. let me get this fire going. i’m pretty sure you’re flame r-t-rded. flame r-t-rded are people who set themselves on fire by […]

  • shloke

    sh-t + bloke = shloke coined by suave from washu with the help of his pet australian koala bear named raj “you’re the ultimate in shloke technology fc” a combination of the two words, ‘sh-t’ and ‘bloke’ to describe a person who is a sh-t bloke. that burt reynolds is the biggest shloke ever.

  • shop-monkey

    a magical creature that roams the metal shop of fond du lac high school known to throw heavy objects. dam that shop-monkey,b-tch took my project.

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