a commonly used word to mis-represent “elite.”

frequently used by “script kiddies” to make themselves feel like hackers.

a sure sign of a genuine loser.

please note that a genuine hacker of any real skill will shun the use of “d00d” speak, or “dud-spek”.
“hey! i just made this l33t util that will hack the p-ssword file of winnt! i am so 133t!”
“that tool has been around for years.”
“no it hasn’t! i just made it myself!”
“okay then, what language did you write it in?”
“i wrote it in windows of course! what else would i use?”
hax0r term for “elite”
this dude is one 133t quake 3 fragger.
a phrase generaly known to hackers and scammers, meaning “elite”

person: i am lyk3 s000 133t at this
normal person: 😐
a ‘word’ that script-kiddies use to make them feel skilled.
if they are skilled, they would use their real names, instead of hiding behind alias’s and msn screen names.
hax0rz: meant to say hacker.
c0unt£r$tr1k3: an online game called counterstrike.
n00b: one who doesn’t spend days on a game and has some friends.
133t hax0r!!111one: lmao rofl pmsl 1 pwned j0o n00b, hahaha i rule at hacking!!oneoneo!!111!
sane person: mmkayyyy.
133t hax0r!!111one: hahahaha n0oobz bow down to me 05!!11!.
sane person: get some skill, friends and a decent pc n-bchops.
133t hax0r!!111one but my windows 98 rules 4eva!!.
sane person: get mandrake linux or ubuntu linux you fool.
from 3133t or elite used by cdccult of the dead cow who created back orifice an aministrator utility for win95, this was shortened to 133t and has sp-wned a hole language of ununderstandable gibberish used by n00bs to make them self feel better
that is 133t or it is cool, as it were
internet speak for “i am gay beat me with a brush”
55461541133t68465 k\z,xk546874464 ow my head

133t writing with numbers gives your cancer
an internet language that forms words using numbers and symbols.

h-llo = |-| 3 1 1 0
this = + |-| 1 $
is = 1$
leet = 133+
quit talking in 133t, dude! i can’t read it!

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