13th base

s-x with your boss, professor, or another person you have no business fooling around with . . .
“i did not have s-xual relations with that woman . . . it was just 13th base!” — bill clinton

having s-xual intercourese with your partner while wearing sherlock holmes hats, smoking pipes and completing a crossword in under 10 minutes.
i got to 13th base with the wife yesterday and she came allover my deer stalker
having s-x while messing around with unlucky things. caution is advised. may result in unpleasant results.
man, i went to 13th base in the house of mirrors under a ladder while a black cat opened an umbrella indoors and crossed between me and her (it joined in for a bit of course) last friday the 13th and man was it great!
(male) when you have intercourse with a female and you end up getting warts, aids, and every other std you can think of.
man this girl took me to 13th base and now my life is over!

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