13th Floor

due to superst-tion in most countries about the number 13 being bad luck, this particular floor of a building is usually named the 14th floor by the elevator console.
harold: i want to go to the 13th floor of this building.
earl: there is no such thing as the 13th floor in this building.
-a girl gave a guy head in the 13th floor stairwell of a hotel at a convention in 2009. she is a legend.

-a place to hookup/give head
so when are we gonna go to the 13th floor?
too bad i only have 2 stories in my house otherwise we could go to the 13th floor.
-pool table
-popcorn machine

a place where you go to relax and unwind or take a break after a hard days work of plagiarizing articles, plagiarism , from the 11th floor , shoot pool with the other trashy little trampy lame trick ruses && && soulless people and swap plagiarism stories, among other things, eat popcorn && && listen to some trashy little trampy tunes on the trashy little trampy jukebox, playing schizophrenic soul mind games with the lame trick ruses && && silent ruse in a ruse world !!! +–+ soul mind — — i, silent ruse , charmed the 11th floor && && 13th floor —- double meaning secret

the 13th floor are filled with lame trick ruses who have trashy little trampy schizophrenic soul minds and then when the lame trick ruses +++die+++ their trashy little trampy schizophrenic soul minds then will each receive a very warm devil’s thrown h-llo from the devil, satan , himself and will become aliens from the 13th planet — living on the devil’s thrown for all of eternity.
—trick ruses &&& soulless people have trashy little trampy schizophrenic soul minds and they also have “loser” stamped right on their trashy little trampy forehead …
—trashy little trampy trick ruses have trashy little trampy schizophrenic soul minds in this trashy little trampy ruse world and are h-ll-bound …… === devil’s thrown
—trick ruses treated the silent ruse like a scapegoat — now their trashy little trashy schizophrenic soul minds can now all burn in h-ll !!! !!!
—trick ruses are hexed , by the silent ruse , and are now aliens from the 13th planet …

—silent ruse gave birth to the trick ruses’ fears!!!
—the lame trick ruses broke the gl-ss window when cue ball smashed it by mistake
—11th floor <<<------ pwnd by the silent ruse <<<---- author blthrskt ---13th floor <<<------ pwnd by the silent ruse <<<---- author blthrskt ---11th floor thesaurus key losers!!!! the 11th floor is on the wall of shame for what the trashy little trampy lame trick ruses did to the silent ruse on the 11th floor ------the silent ruse has the double meaning secret07/07/07 +++ seven wytches +++ aliens from the 13th planet +++ trashy little trampy earth mind +++ 06/06/06 six six six +++ inkubus sukkubus +++ exfoliate +++ jibber jabber +++ they ran out the country +++ dropping off like flies +++ hex +++ paranoid schizophrenia +++ guardian angel, mary mother of g-d… +++ meeting 5:30 +++ trashy little trampy (anything) +++ g-ds of m-ss destruction +++ gomd +++ something went wrong +++ double meaning secret +++ tuesday thursday power +++ 13th floor m-ssacre +++ explosive diarrhea +++ $166.62 +++ wall of shame +++ scapegoat

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