hate. opposite of <3 (heart).if you don't get it, you're a f-cktard. i <3 her.then why'd you f-ck her dad?i <8 you. super love d-ck: f-ck you nice lady: uh thats soo mean 🙁 d-ck: <3 nice lady: <8

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  • lotard

    a mixture of a r-t-rd and a loser gosh, ugine is such a lotard! modification of ‘r-t-rd’, which can be found in different conversation, between a cool guy and a.. lotard. esno: hey bud, did ya see this new kick–rs- pc-game? 50: ogm, whut is a pc??!??!11 esno: you’re such a lotard.. 50: wut is […]

  • loukia

    a s-xy, attractive female who is intelligent and understanding. a fun filled character with endless amus-m-nt. usually found in the port city of piraeus with dazzling eyes and a smile to die for, a cuddly person who means the world to anyone (unless r-t-rded) if you put bread cheese and shrimp on a plate loukia […]

  • drugstore psychiatrist

    i person who blames others and doesn’t look at their own problems. monique never takes responsibility for her failed relationships, she’s a real drugstore psychiatrist.

  • drunk ultimatum

    (noun) a demand made in a state of inebriation or non-sobriety whose compliance must be fulfilled within a set period of time or else a conditional threat will be enacted until the demand is met. we were going to leave royal exchange until a sh-t faced googs made a drunk ultimatum. “i’mm nnnot l-leaving untillll […]

  • m*ffin cruncher

    the act of punching a womans v-g-n- during s-xual intercourse. (i.e. – v-g-n- punch) “i heard he likes it rough.” “oh! is he a m-ffin cruncher?” a female who prefers m-ffin to schl-ng. she doesn’t seem to like guys; i think she’s a m-ffin cruncher.

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