i love you. one letter in i, four letters in love, three

letters in you. one, four, three. equals i love you.
143, more than the world.
means “i love you.”
one letter in i,
four in love,
and three in you.

musiq made a song about it.
see sometimes words may get in the way
of things that you really really mean to say
so i wanna out this time to make sure that how i really feel
gets through to you
cause listen
there aren’t many more ways and words that i can say
so i choose to tell you how i feel in a numerical way
got so tired of trying to find the most complicated way
to say it to you so i simplified and broke it down
to 143 – and that means i love you
common code for “i love you”, as they amount of letters in that phrase is 1, 4, and 3.
pager code: “555-1234-143”
a numerical representation of the expression ‘i love you’ where each of the three numbers represents the amount of letters in each of the words.

used by couples with pagers as a code to constantly remind one another that they still are affectionate. (more commonly used before the wide spread availability of text-messaging cell phones)
my girl sent 143 to my beeper a thousand times yesterday – she really loves me.
i love you

1 letter in i
4 letters in love
3 letters i you
a:bye! 143
b: bye, i love you too!!
cryptic way of saying: i love you.
used by mr. fred rogers on his children’s variety show.
hey hunny, 1-4-3.
i love you. using the number of letters in the word to coming up with ur own way of saying i love you!
1 4 3 brian and cant wait to see u in the future!
numerical representation of “i hate you”, based on the number of letters in each word. 143 on its own means “i love you”, but the negative sign in front of this changes “love” to “hate”.
screw you for sending me that last message. -143

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