clown, clowning around
you’re being such a –<:o)

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  • \__o__/

    randy orton from wwe raw/smackdown pose. randy orton: \__o__/

  • poor computing

    when you have a 10 year old pc, which doesn’t run modern software, but you try to make it run anyway. my poor computing machine cannot run youtube directly, so i download the videos and run them locally.

  • frcs

    acronym for f-ck-ready clothes. comfortable clothes that are easy too quickly get out of when s-x begins. clothes include leggings, yoga pants, over-sized shirts. guido 1: yo, she’s got the frcs on! you know what means?! guido 2: what? guido 1: she’s dtf, bro!

  • gcrush

    gcrush is short for – girl crush, basically when a girl has a crush on another girl but shes straight. keylee – ‘dude, i totally have a gcrush on that chick from chuck. whats her name?’ lauren ‘yvonne strahovski? yeah dude. shes totally hot. i have a total girl crush on her.’

  • kyut

    another way to use “cute” d-mn shes soo kyut! omg what a kyuttie!!

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