andrew is a man worth getting jealous and crying over. he will always know how to make you happy when you are depressed. he will easily be the person you look to when you need a reliable and trustworthy person. he never compromises his beliefs. he may get jealous a little too easily, but it’s one of the may ways that he shows just how much he loves you. he will be an amazing husband and father one day and who ever gets to experience that with him is the luckiest girl in the world. he is attractive on the inside and out, even if he doesn’t believe it. he love country music, even though he may be the worst singer of it on this earth. his main priority will be to make you happy and always will be. he has the perfect balance of maturity and childish charm. he is really good at doing puzzles and hiding lollipops. he is the perfect boy to bring home to your parents and they will soon make him part of the family. andrew is basically the biggest dork/loner out there and loves dancing in the kitchen to no music. he is one of the good ones. if you have this guy, never let him go. beware of his small throat.
i love my 1490.

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