it’s the day that protesters went out in peaceful protests in kingdom of bahrain,, 14th february “the day of rage” against the al khalifa hereditary dictatorship that has repeatedly failed to make use of the opportunities for a return to civil, pluralistic and representative rule. the day they chose is significant. it is the tenth anniversary of the referendum on the ruler’s charter, and the ninth year after the repeal of the country’s only legitimate const-tution. it was a black day in 2002 when the dictator, again with a stroke of a pen, announced the imposition of his tailor-made set of draconian rule, and the repeal of the 1973 const-tution. for the past nine years the country has been embroiled in endless conflicts, bloodshed by the regime and limitless suffering by the people
many peaceful people in bahrain got killed since 14th-feb-2011 just for asking for thier rights and freedom

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