symbol for a person crying
jose: dude i have something really important to tell you
henry: what ??
jose: you are a mysp-ce wh-r- lol
henry: =’

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  • breastgasm

    female -rg-sm derived from stimulation of the br–sts, especially the nipples. caused by a range of activities, from sucking to t-ttyf-cking. not experienced by all women. girl 1: wow, corey gave me such a breastgasm last night! girl 2: d-mn girl, i can’t breastgasm..

  • deminimize

    a word used to demean something or someone in any way. usually used for religious beliefs, someone’s social status, or sports teams. particularly towards the terrible, horrible, pittsburgh steelers. this word can be very offensive so be cautious when using. dude… what you said back there deminimized me.

  • delurking

    making yourself known to a blog or website that you often read, but don’t comment on. i was lurking on my friends blog, but recent delurking, via comments i left, let him know that i read daily.

  • deminion

    a side kick that helps you kill someone.. the deminion kills giant thumbs deminion, come over here so we can kill him

  • dominicandev

    a runescape g-d. overall an outstanding individual and skiller. oh my g-d!!! it’s dominicandev

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