commodore 1541

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    commodore 1581

  • 15th amendment

    noun an amendment to the u.s. const-tution, ratified in 1870, prohibiting the restriction of voting rights “on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.”.

  • 16 gauge

    [siks-teen-geyj] /ˈsɪks tinˈgeɪdʒ/ adjective of, pertaining to, or being a size of shotgun sh-ll having a diameter of 0.662 inches (1.68 cm). of, pertaining to, or being a shotgun using such a sh-ll.

  • 16-bit application

    operating system software for ms-dos or microsoft windows which originally ran on the 16-bit intel 8088 and 80286 microprocessors. these used a segmented address sp-ce to extend the range of addresses from what is possible with just a 16-bit address. programs with more than 64 kilobytes of code or data therefore had to waste time […]

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    national semiconductor 16000

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