head slap, or slapping yourself in the forehead in frustration
/).~ duh, or /).~ why me, ect…

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  • dragon blizzard

    when you push your diarrea in reverse, vomit, then put it on the t-tt–s of an orphan, i dragon blizzard that b-tch last night.

  • (=

    it means yhur happy anna says: oi yhu, yhu wunna come over tonight? emma says: uhm, dunno, wby? do yhu wanna go to hers? tash says: maybe (=

  • drayat

    to hit a preacher with a telephone. i think i shall go drayat now.

  • dreadlockman

    an extremely attractive, tall, white male with short dreadlocks dreadlockman was looking extra fine today with his s-xy yellow bandana and ras trent sweater.

  • drevin

    a n00b of some sort…usually has the rl name of robert, bob, etc…. onoes! drevin is in teh server….glock him!

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