the year when math was invented.
i dislike the year 1612.

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  • microplaylisting

    when your music is on shuffle but you change the play order for maximum awesomeness ‘hey, you made any playlists?’ ‘nah. i’m more into microplaylisting’

  • run n nut

    when a male runs up to an unexpexting person and -j-c-l-t-s onto them, then runs away. todd-“logan ran up and came all over mary” mark-“he just did a run n nut”

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    obsessed over guys eating elongated food items shawn got caught sneaking photos of billy eating his banana to add to his gufoto collection.

  • temporal dysplasia

    a made up medical condition to describe a person who cannot feel the p-ssing of time. mentioned in freeform’s “st-tchers” she has temporal dysplasia, so she doesn’t know what time feels like.

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